The Importance of Leak Detection in Pipes

With any plumbing system in your home, there is always the potential for leaks to occur. When gone unnoticed, these small leaks may turn into large problems, resulting in extensive water damage to your home and costly repairs and replacements. In order to accurate detect and put a stop to these leaks, it is important to know the various kinds, what to look for, and how to stop them. Our professional West Palm Beach FL plumbers at General Plumbing can assist you in locating and alleviating these leaks.

In order to best understand leaks, you must first learn about the various types that may occur within your residence. By educating yourself on the characteristics and warning signs of these leaks, you can know what you’re dealing with should they ever occur in your home.

A yard line leak is just like it sounds, a leak in your yard. These are characterized by unusual flooding in your yard, even far away from the actual leak itself. You may also notice significantly higher utility bills caused by this wasted water.

Water line leaks are located inside your home, and also characterized by unusually high water bills. In this case, however, the excess water does not damage your yard, but your flooring, cabinets, or other household features located close to the ground or near a dripping pipe.

Where leaks become more serious, are slab leaks and gas leaks. Slab leaks can cause critical damage to your home’s foundation, and if you notice wetness on your floors, high water bills, low water pressure, warm spots on the floor, or a dripping noise, a slab leak may be the reason why.

The most serious leak of them all, a gas leak should never be taken lightly. These leaks are so dangerous because they often go unnoticed, but can cause extreme fires or result in carbon monoxide poisoning, a silent killer. If you smell gas in your home, evacuate the area immediately. One of our trained plumbing technicians can assist you in ridding your home of this danger. It is imperative you count on a professional to take care of these leaks in a timely and efficient manner.

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