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Air Conditioning Repair in Lake Worth, FL

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Air conditioners in Lake Worth, FL can sometimes run into trouble. From refrigerant leaks to broken or loose components, it’s normal to need professional help from a team like General Plumbing and Air Conditioning to provide you with home AC repair. Here’s what we offer.

  • High-quality, Red Carpet Service every time
  • A 24/7 emergency hotline
  • A team that truly cares about the community
  • Women Owned

We’re a local group of friendly technicians who strive to make HVAC experiences easier for our customers. We’re fast, we’re effective, and we’re extremely knowledgeable in air conditioning repair service.

It’s time to stop searching online for "AC repair near me," and contact General Plumbing and Air Conditioning for comprehensive AC support in Lake Worth, FL. Red Carpet Service, Every Time!


Central AC Repair

Central AC repairs can range from small fixes to major overhauls. It doesn’t matter where on this scale you might be, you can always trust our team to get the job done. Give us a call and tell us about your problem, we promise we’ll be able to problem solve a solution that fits your home and budget.

Ductless AC Repair

Ductless air conditioners can run into some pretty unique issues. From mini splits that stop working, to foul odors or water leaks, just do yourself a favor and give our team a call for quick and effective ductless AC repair in Lake Worth, FL.

Heat Pump Repair

A heat pump can be an excellent system to have in your home, but it’s not without its faults. If your heat pump is leaking refrigerant, running less efficiently, or generally not working properly, feel free to call our team for support.

General Plumbing and Air Conditioning

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