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Ultimate Savings Agreement from General Plumbing and Air Conditioning

Save Money on Your Lake Worth Plumbing & AC Services

Many people think that plumbing and air conditioning emergencies and other serious system issues just happen out of nowhere. The truth is that many of these problems – including those that lead to costly repairs or cause severe damage – can be prevented! But you can’t wait for the emergency to strike; you have to be proactive in caring for your home’s plumbing and air conditioning systems. To prevent problems before they happen, take advantage of our service membership plans. Choose from our Plumbing Ultimate Service Agreement, our Air Conditioning Ultimate Service Agreement, or bundle them both for even bigger savings.

The Benefits of Membership

At General Plumbing and Air Conditioning, we’re out every day performing emergency plumbing and air conditioning repairs and installations. So we thought: Why not offer our valued customers a plan that could save them from some of the surprise, anguish, cost, and damages that occur because of preventable issues? That’s why we created the Ultimate Savings Agreements for our customers.


If you sign up for either one of our Ultimate Savings Agreements, you'll be able to enjoy a discounted rate for bundling the second service agreement. We will inspect both your plumbing and air conditioning systems to provide suggestions for ensuring proper function and preserving the life expectancy of each system. Peace of mind is part of our Red Carpet Service!

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Both Ultimate Savings Agreements Include:

  1. 24-hour emergency service
  2. Value-rate pricing
  3. Extended regular hours
  4. VIP scheduling
  5. Waived dispatch fee
  6. Discounted priority service charge
  7. Special promotions
  8. Complete plumbing or air conditioning inspection
  9. Scheduled maintenance visits
  10. Extended lifespan of plumbing or air conditioning equipment
  11. Ability to transfer the plan to new owners

The benefits of our Ultimate Savings Agreements are numerous and our Lake Worth service specialists hope that you’ll take this step to extend the life of your home comfort systems.

Save money on your annual plumbing and air conditioning services by signing up for our Ultimate Savings Agreements! Call 561-771-0086 to learn more.

Air Conditioning Ultimate Savings Agreement

Our AC inspection checklist includes:

  • Complete evaluation of your AC system
  • Provide and install a new mesh filter or customer supplied pleated filter
  • Clear drain lines
  • Add pan treatment tabs to help prevent buildup
  • Inspect condensate pans
  • Inspect condition of coils
  • Inspect electrical connections
  • Check voltage and amperages
  • Confirm internal components are properly working
  • Check refrigerant level
  • Provide recommendations for upgrades or repairs
  • Confirm thermostat settings and programming
  • Provide inspection report details

To ask questions or to become a member, contact General Plumbing and Air Conditioning to speak with one of our friendly representatives. Call us at 561-771-0086.

Plumbing Ultimate Savings Agreement

Our plumbing inspection checklist includes:

  • Flush water heater
  • Test water heater elements and thermostats
  • Check water temperature and settings
  • Test garbage disposal
  • Check toilet flushing action
  • Check toilet seats
  • Dye test toilet for signs of leaks
  • Inspect washing machine hoses
  • Record model and serial numbers
  • Inspect visible piping for leaks and corrosion
  • Visually test drains
  • Check faucets for leaks and corrosion
  • Identify cleanout location
  • Check outside hose bibs
  • Check fixture water flow
  • Check and tag main shut-off valve
  • Inspect for signs of water damage
  • Visually inspect water filter(s)
  • Install safety stickers
  • Provide service specialist recommendations
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