More homeowners are opting for a tankless water heater system. They are tired of the extended downtime between cycles and would like easier access to hot water throughout the whole house. It’s something we could all understand. But why are so many interested in tankless water heaters now? What has changed in recent years? Well, quite a bit. There are numerous benefits to a tankless system. Here are five primary reasons to go tankless. Save Money On average, a tankless water heater saves most households up to 40% on their monthly energy bills. The reason for this is because a…

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Prompt detection of a water leak is a surefire way to save money and prevent extensive structural damage. As you may know, a water leak from anywhere within your home will damage walls, flooring, and baseboards with ease. If can take days, sometimes longer, to track down the source, though. Leaks typically follow a path behind walls, making them tough to locate at first. Here is how to find a hidden water leak. Check Your Water Meter If you suspect a water leak in your home, the best way to tell is by checking the water meter. To accomplish this,…

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If you’re a Florida homeowner who is concerned about contaminants in your drinking supply, there are a variety of water filter options readily available. Your choices range from over-the-tap units to complex reverse osmosis systems. Some units can purify the water for the entire house. Experts say our water supply is tainted by contaminants, such as chlorine or lead. If this concerns you, then a water filtration system is worth the investment. Whole-House Filtration Around 90 percent of the water entering your home ends up down the drain, according to experts in the field. What enters your body is less…

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There was a time when traditional sewer repair was the only available option for homeowners in need of extensive repairs. The process was costly and required quite a bit of digging, which occasionally ruined yards. Today, we have trenchless sewer repair – a far more cost-effective and efficient process. Here are three advantages of trenchless sewer repair. Cleanliness Most homes and businesses have sewer lines running under their gorgeous landscaping. Digging up the sewer line is likely to ruin the yard and costs thousands of dollars to complete repairs. Trenchless sewer repair, on the other hand, requires one or two…

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