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When people think of the term “high pressure,” they usually associate it with something negative. Everyone usually tends to avoid high-pressure situations and jobs, and doctors are always telling us to lower our blood pressure. However, when it comes to water pressure, the exact opposite is true. If you have low water pressure in your plumbing, even the simplest of tasks, like washing your hands, can become a chore because the water trickles out so slowly.

If you are tired of having to deal with low water pressure, do not go on tolerating the problem. Get in touch with our dedicated technicians at General Plumbing and Air Conditioning. You can trust our team to provide efficient and effective water pressure services in Lake Worth.

Contact us now at (561) 771-0086 if you are looking for trustworthy experts who can resolve all of your issues with water pressure.

What Causes Water Pressure Problems in Florida

Have you ever noticed that when you and another member of your household are trying to use two plumbing appliances at the same time, suddenly the water comes out as a trickle instead of a steady stream? This often happens if two distinct fixtures for plumbing, whether in your kitchen or your bathroom, are being utilized simultaneously. Normally, if you are trying to use only one fixture at a time, the water pressure is enough to provide ample supply. The moment that another fixture is turned on, however, the pressure suddenly drops, leading to a decrease in water flow. The bigger the “opposing force” is – for example, if someone is trying to fill a bath – the more it will diminish your current water flow.

Solutions for Low Water Pressure Issues

Even though it becomes very clear when you have a low water pressure problem, it is not so easy to immediately identify and resolve the issue. This is because there can actually be multiple different reasons and factors which are actually causing the lower water pressure in your plumbing. Our experienced technicians will be able to determine what the problem is by conducting careful tests and checking typical problem areas. Then we can work on the solution that most effectively solves the problem.

Some of the ways we can fix your water pressure issues include:

  • Repairing leaks in your pipes
  • Re-piping sections or entirely replacing pipes
  • Recalibrating your pressure regulator
  • Unblocking debris and sediment which has collected in plumbing fixtures
  • Repairing cracked and broken fixtures or completely replacing them

Further REading

Call us today at (561) 771-0086 or contact us online so that we can answer any of your questions regarding water pressure.

Get Support Immediately

If you have low water pressure, even the most basic habit of getting a glass of water becomes an annoying and time-consuming process. Larger tasks that use more water, such as watering your plants or washing the pots and pans, can take three times as long. The experience of showering after a long, hard day or a tough workout should be soothing and relaxing but just ends up being extremely frustrating.

You do not have to resign yourself to these problems, however, if you do just contact General Plumbing and Air Conditioning right away.

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