Water & Energy Efficiency In Lake Worth

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint & Save Money

Similar to conserving other kinds of natural resources, all efforts must be taken to save water. While it seems that the world has an endless supply of it, only a small portion of the earth’s water is potable fresh water. 

Water may be a renewable source, but our planet’s freshwater supply continues to decline. This makes it even more important to always be aware of the water we use and to minimize the amount of water we waste.

This is the focus of water efficiency. It’s not about abstaining from using water at all – water is essential to all living organisms, especially to humans. 

Instead, we need to reduce the amount of water that is wasted. Innovations in the plumbing industry continue to make different options available to allow us to use the same amount of water we need while reducing the portion that turns into wasted water. Many of the ways to reduce water wastage are simple and tend to be most effective when done collectively.

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Our West Palm Beach Water Conservation Services

  • Fixing leaking taps or pipes
  • Installing displacement devices in toilets
  • Choosing to use energy-efficient appliances like eco-friendly washing machines and low-flow toilets and shower heads

To learn more about how your plumbing can conserve water and energy, call General Plumbing and Air Conditioning at 561-771-0086.

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Water Conservation Technology

One of the best ways to both reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your monthly water bills is to reduce your water consumption. Most people’s water utility bill is one of their costliest household expenses – higher than any of their other utility bills. With today’s technology, it can be quite easy to reduce home water usage. Appliances such as high-efficiency faucets and spouts help to minimize waste while still providing ample water for everyday tasks. Our experienced Lake Worth plumbers can install these devices in place of any modern faucet or fixture.

Outdoor water use presents its own set of issues. Many homeowners set their sprinkler system to water the yard while away at work, remaining on longer than necessary. A shutoff device prevents the water system from wasting water. Alternatively, moisture sensors measure the moisture of the soil and tailor the water system’s schedule accordingly.

Water Conservation Benefits

Conserving water is not actually difficult and it can benefit both you and the planet. Everyone wins when we make concerted efforts to save water.

Some of the many benefits of water conservation include:

  • Reduced monthly water and energy bills
  • Safer drinking water resources
  • Minimized water pollution and related potential health risks
  • A reduced need for expensive water supply or wastewater treatment options
  • Improved health of the local ecological environment
  • A reduction of energy used to pump, heat, or treat water supplies

By improving the water supply and reducing wasted water, homeowners and businesses are doing their part to help save the aquatic environments of the region.

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