How to Avoid and Prevent Clogged Drains

Are you dealing with a blocked drain, or just want to prevent one from happening? Read this!

You can try to troubleshoot your clogged drain on your own, but the truth is, it’s always best to enlist the services of a plumbing pro – if you want to ensure the drain gets effectively cleared!

Why Hire A Plumber To De-Clog Your Drain

  • Plumbers use cutting-edge equipment to keep drains from getting clogged in the future.
  • You’ll save on time and money, by preventing future repairs.
  • You can take advantage of a plumber’s high level of expertise, and ask them questions.

How To Prevent Clogged Drains

It’s time to prevent a clogged drain from occurring in the first place! While every home is certainly different, and no two drain systems are completely alike, you can be sure of one thing: if you want to avoid clogging and other drainage issues, proper maintenance is crucial.

There are a few things you can do at home, to ensure that your drains stay un-clogged.

  • First, it’s always best NOT to use harsh chemicals when cleaning your drain, as this could do severe damage to your plumbing.
  • Rather, try running hot water through the sink after each use (this helps with debris buildup!), or use vinegar & baking soda for cleaning purposes.
  • Next, maintenance is key: it never hurts to have a licensed plumber maintain your piping system every year.

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