How Will I Know If My Pipes Cracked?

We get calls at General Plumbing from our Lake Worth clients pretty often wanting to know how to tell if their pipes have cracked. So we’ve put together this list of indicators that will let you know if you should have a trained professional come out to your home to check out your pipes.

Your Water Bill

If you’ve been receiving a higher water bill than you normally get in Lake Worth, it’s possible your have a cracked pipe. This is the one of the most accurate signs of pipe breakage. That’s because it provides an record of your water consumption via your utility bill, rather than relying on other signs which could be caused by other plumbing problems.

Your Water Pressure

Another common sign of damage along your pipeline is lower water pressure or decreased water flow. So if you notice a change in water pressure when you shower or the water flow out of your faucets has altered, this could be a sign of pipe issues.


Another common sign of broken sewage pipes is persistent clogging. Most often clogs are associated with buildup that comes from debris, grease, hair, or other things, but your pipes are also prone to clogging as a result of more serious issues.

Bad Smells

Mold and mildew are two forms of fungus that grow with the help of moisture and leave behind a musty odor. If you are smelling a musty odor in your Lake Worth home, then you likely have water damage or pockets of moisture built up as a result of a cracked pipe.

Call General Plumbing

Give us a call at (561) 771-0086 to discuss any possible pipe problems you might have in your Lake Worth home. Our experienced professionals will be happy to answer your questions.

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