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Top 5 Things You Need to Consider When Having Plumbing Installed in Your Business

Your business probably means a lot to you. Whether you’re just getting it off the ground or are celebrating 20 years with this company, it feels like an investment. As this is the case, it’s crucial that when you have things updated on the property, that you do so without causing any hiccups. This means assessing beforehand what needs to be done before anything is actually done.

Things to Consider

We thought for this blog post, we’d put together a list of things to consider. We suggest you make note of these points, so when the time does come for a plumbing update – or any structural update for that matter – you’re ready for the pros to get in and get out. The idea is that they leave the business in great working order as soon as possible. We suggest then that you consider:

  1. Size of Building – Consider the size of your building. This will determine what the plumbers will be doing and how long they will actually be on site.
  2. Number of Users – Determine the number of average users on a given day. Don’t tell the plumbing company that use is minimal when you have hundreds of employees.
  3. Volume of Use – This goes along with the previous point, but you should also take into consideration the volume of use. Are there some days where you’ll have more use than others? Are you accounting for those days?
  4. Possible Issues – If you have employees that just aren’t very good with the office kitchen sink or are constantly complaining about the plumbing in the place, take that into consideration. It may affect the installation parameters.
  5. Best Days for Maintenance – Finally, decide which days are best for maintenance. Don’t schedule a plumber to come for a non-emergency issue on a Friday, when they could just as easily come on Saturday when no employees are there.

Your Business, Your Investment, Top Notch Plumbing

We understand that when you own or manage a business, it means so much to you. It is one of your life’s most important investments. Because we understand this, we are the right people to tackle your plumbing installation. Call General Plumbing for your commercial plumbing installation: (561) 771-0086.