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Bigger City, Bigger Plumbing Problems?

As residents of Lake Worth, the city itself may only stretch across seven miles, but we have nearly 38,000 people living here. That means that things can get a little crazy sometimes. Does a bigger city result in bigger plumbing problems? In this article, General Plumbing looks at this questions and talks plumbing problems in a big city.

Looking at Basic Maintenance

Just like the tires in your car need to be replaced every 50,000 miles (give or take) to avoid springing a leak, so too do the parts of your Lake Worth home’s plumbing fixtures or else they will break down over time. Anything that deals with water is prone to damage over time from mold, rust, and warping, and anything that needs more work than tightening a bolt with a wrench requires professional attention. We regularly answer service calls to check the pipe lines for seams, holes, leaks, or corrosion that have the potential to do serious damage to the plumbing as well as your house itself.

Problems Connected With Water Pressure

If you flush the toilet and it only swirls around for a few seconds, odds are good that your water system doesn’t produce enough pressure to empty the bowl (and its contents) each time you flush the toilet. The same is true for showers that only drip instead of spray and sinks that don’t have enough force to clean dishes. In the event that your system has low water pressure, it’s crucial to contact a Lake Worth professional for assistance since a person can harm not only their own property but neighboring properties by trying to adjust the water pressure themselves.

Running Water Issues

If your Lake Worth toilet doesn’t stop making sounds all through the day, it may be only a simple part like the stopper or the flapper that’s not working properly. Sometimes, however, running water in a toilet signals a loose fill tube or sediment that’s clogging up the pipes. Our professionals use specialized tools to check the inflow and outflow of a toilet to determine where the complication lies and can often have a toilet running quietly with only a single visit.

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