Toilet Installation: DIY or Get a Pro?

When you are a homeowner, you probably have mastered the art of the DIY fix. Clogged toilets, leaky sink, installing a new component here or there, but when it comes to toilet installation, what should you do? General Plumbing is always willing to give advice on whether a project is something you can tackle on your own, or whether you need to get a pro. Let’s talk about toilets!

What Is Your Skill Level?

When you are thinking about toilet installation, you need to first ask yourself, “Do I feel comfortable with the process?” If the answer is no, you need to seek the opinion of a professional. However, if you are pretty handy, it may be cost effective to go the DIY route.

Do You Have the Right Tools?

The process is a bit complex and you will need a few tools. If you aren’t adequately prepared with the right equipment, it can make toilet installation a nightmare. For the majority of toilets you will need:

  • New Toilet
  • Wax Ring
  • Closet Bolts
  • Toilet Connector
  • Stainless steel washers
  • Torpedo Level
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Screwdriver

This is a basic list for a basic toilet installation. Some toilets may require additional tools or equipment for proper installation.

Call For Help

If you get in the middle of your DIY project and feel like you are in over your head, you are better off calling in for some help. While it may be a hit to your ego, it can save you some money. Improper installation can lead to a much more costly issue afterward. An experienced professional will be able to even walk you through the process so you know how to do a proper toilet install in the future.

If you need assistance with toilet installation, call us at General Plumbing. Call (561) 771-0086 today to schedule your appointment.

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