Christmas in Lake Worth: 5 Things to Do

Lake Worth, contrary to what you might expect, knows how to celebrate Christmas. The city hosts several events throughout the month of December and several community groups do the same. So, we decided we’d blog on five things we like to do for Christmas in Lake Worth.

Events on Lake Avenue

It’s no secret that Lake Avenue is the place to be most weekends. However, did you know that they have specific Christmas time activities on Lake? Those include a holiday tree lighting in the early part of the month on the Evening on the Avenue First Friday, and Food Truck Invasion nights every Monday until Christmas. This is a great way to get out and enjoy family time during December!

And most importantly, don’t forget the annual Christmas parade on Lake Avenue! That’s happening downtown. Check out the Santa’s Workshop & Holiday Parade on the city’s website!

City Hall Cookie Swap

At City Hall’s Annex Meeting Room, a holiday and recipe exchange will not disappoint. There will be homemade cookies from several home bakers – you can get in on the action and become a registered baker too! – and refreshments for other fest goers. It’s open to everyone, but you need to register ahead of time.

These holiday events – along with the year-round Beach Bonfires – will definitely make for an unforgettable holiday season! At least, our team at General Plumbing thinks so! (561) 771-0086.

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