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What Is the Average Pipe Relining Cost? | General Plumbing

.There are many ways that underground pipes can get damaged. Tree roots might work their way into the pipes, causing clogs and backups. Iron pipes can rust. Cement pipes can crumble. Aging pipes might leak and crack. In the past, pipe replacement meant digging up the yard, pulling out the damaged pipes, and installing a brand new set of pipes. Today, however, new technology allows plumbers, like our General Plumbing workers, to add a lining inside the pipes; this is called relining. The pipe relining cost is much less than the cost of traditional replacement.

The Pipe Relining Process

Many plumbers in Lake Worth can tell you that pipe relining is, essentially, pipe replacement. Consider these facts:

• The lining is as strong as a brand new pipe.
• It takes only a few hours to install the lining.
• Linings can be used for most types of pipe, such as clay, cast iron, and sewer pipes.
• Some repairs only require part of the pipe to be relined, further reducing costs.
• Pipe relining is appropriate for pipes in walls and floors.

The pipe relining cost is figured based on the length of pipe to be repaired and where the pipes are located.

Reducing Costs With Pipe Relining

Just about every homeowner will appreciate the fact that relining does not require the removal of landscaping, sidewalks, walls or floors. With this modern technology, plumbers use a camera to determine where repairs are necessary. With this information, plumbers can inject an epoxy that hardens to form a pipe within the existing pipe. The newly formed pipe only reduces the internal diameter of the pipe by a small percentage, so the flow of water is unimpeded.

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If you are interested in repairing pipes and preventing expensive trouble, consider getting the pipes relined. To get an accurate pipe relining cost estimate for your pipes, contact one of our General Plumbing professionals at (561) 771-0086.