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Ductless Systems in Lake Worth, FL

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Mini split air conditioners, or ductless systems, are powerful units that work in smaller air handlers scattered around your house in strategic locations. They’re efficient, perform well, and are a custom solution for many unique homes. Get started on your ductless journey by scheduling a consultation with General Plumbing and Air Conditioning in Lake Worth, FL.

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We don’t only provide ductless heating and air conditioning installations. We also maintain, replace, and repair split air conditioners. Call our team for expert help with a wall-mounted system that’s malfunctioning.

Schedule an appointment for your ductless system with General Plumbing and Air Conditioning in Lake Worth, FL. Red Carpet Service, Every Time!


Ductless HVAC Installation

Every ductless air conditioning or heating system has to start somewhere! Let our team of experts do a walkthrough of your home to see where a ductless HVAC installation might best be set up to give you powerful comfort and superior energy efficiency.

Ductless HVAC Replacement

An older ductless mini split system can run into some serious problems after about 10–15 years. At that point, we urge homeowners to consider ductless HVAC replacement in order to keep things comfortable and efficient.

Ductless HVAC Repair

Need quick ductless HVAC repair? Or maybe you’d like to take your time and invest in ductless HVAC maintenance this year. No matter your situation, our team can get you the help you need today. Call our hotline in Lake Worth, FL, or schedule online with our team of licensed professionals.

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