Plumbing Fixtures: Sinks, Faucets & Toilets in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach and Palm Beach, FL

Plumbing Fixtures West Palm Beach FLWhether you are looking at new kitchen sinks or entirely new appliances for your home, you want the best your money can buy. Here at General Plumbing, we offer only the highest quality products, and our expert plumbers are here to ensure that they are installed correctly and work properly for many years to come.

We’ve been serving customers with new plumbing and plumbing fixtures for over 65 years, and we are proud of the reputation we’ve built as one of the best plumbing companies in the area. As we’ve evolved and adapted to new tools and methods, we’ve kept our commitment to quality consistent, and promise you an exceptional customer service experience every single time you call us.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Renovating your bathrooms and your kitchen can increase the resale value of your home quickly. We are here to ensure that you choose the right new plumbing fixtures and that they are installed properly. We want you to be happy about your investment.

We offer fixture maintenance, repair, and replacement services to all of our valued customers, including:

  • Expert sink plumbing
  • Garbage disposals
  • Reliable faucet repair and installation of new faucets
  • Professional toilet repair and installation services
  • and much more!

Whether it’s your toilet that is always running or a faucet that seems to leak regularly, we know how to fix it quickly and minimize your inconvenience. We specialize in new plumbing fixtures and come prepared to every job with the tools we need to get your home back in working order quickly.

When your fixtures are old and broken down, call us to repair or replace them with newer, functional, attractive models. We can help you choose the perfect fixtures to compliment your home.

Plumbing Fixtures Repair

When you need your plumbing fixtures repaired, you need the job done as soon as possible. At General Plumbing, we provide efficient professional repair services. Here are some common causes of plumbing fixture breakdowns to watch out for:

  • Rusting or sediment buildup. Rust on pipes can cause substantial leaking; in this case, you may need to replace your hot water heater.
  • Loose hardware. These can cause significant damage. For instance, a loose O-ring on your sink faucet will result in a persistent leak..

If you notice any of these things in your system, call in a professional. Do you have further questions about plumbing fixtures repair? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with General Plumbing today!

Contact Us Today

Our friendly representatives are here to schedule an appointment with you to discuss new plumbing fixtures for your home. Call us today at 561-420-0442 to ensure that all your plumbing fixtures are working correctly and to avoid costly repairs in the future.