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Ocean Ridge PlumbersGeneral Plumbing has been dedicated to meeting and exceeding the plumbing service needs of the residential and commercial communities in the Palm Beach and Martin County areas, including Ocean Ridge, for over six decades. Forming to meet the demands of plumbing installation and remodeling services after World War II, our Ocean Ridge plumbing technicians have a reputation for excellence in customer service, reliability, and quality craftsmanship.

A small coastal community of about 1,700 residents, Ocean Ridge lies along US Highway A1A in Palm Beach County. Originally, Ocean Ridge was founded as the town of Boynton Beach, separating from the town of Boynton. The name was changed to Ocean Ridge eight years later, after which Boynton took the old name as its own. Today, Ocean Ridge hosts an eclectic population consisting of German, French, Spanish, Persian, and Italian residents within its demographic makeup. A number of Canadians have also chosen to move to the warm climate in Ocean Ridge.

General Plumbing is a full service company offering a variety of services to both residential and commercial customers in Ocean Ridge. No job is too big or too small, and we take all of our work seriously, taking care to maintain a courteous and friendly attitude in working with customers and concern for meeting their needs. We are punctual, clean, and efficient, never taking more time than necessary to complete any project.

We protect your home while we work, covering your floors, wearing shoe covers, and carrying soft tool bags rather than metal boxes to assure we cause no damage to your home. When our work is completed, your Ocean Ridge home will be left in the same condition in which we found it, never a mess left behind.

We work on your schedule so you never have to worry about rearranging appointments or other priorities, even in an emergency. Trust your local Ocean Ridge plumbing company to offer what you need most, when you need it.

How to Find Plumbing Services with Free Estimates

In order to locate a professional plumber service that provides free estimates to its customers, your best option is to simply begin asking around. Friends and family are an excellent resource when it comes to finding a local plumbing company who can handle your needs. The next option is to research local companies online via Google. There are many reviews available to the general public, allowing everyone to receive some insight into a company’s service. General Plumbing, for example, has over 200 customer reviews available for everyone to read through.

Most plumbing companies offer a free estimate on the plumbing job after having explored the problem in person within your home. Opting to use a general contractor may not guarantee you receive a free estimate, unfortunately, as they cannot offer the same service as a dedicated plumbing company. The estimate will be entirely dependent on the job that needs to be completed.

Plumbing Leak Repair

Unfortunately, many homeowners completely forego looking over their plumbing system on the regular. When you ignore the system, the possibility of leaks could be throughout the entire home. A simple leak may blossom into something much worse, such as significant flooding, which can cause severe amounts of damage to the entire home and plumbing system. When you do discover a plumbing leak, it is best to call in the professionals at General Plumbing to rectify the problem as soon as possible. The longer you wait to have the issue fixed, the more potential damage can be created. This will, obviously, cost you more the longer you wait.

To discover a leak, our professional plumbers will walk over your entire plumbing system and examine any pipe they possibly can. A simple leak can be hard to miss by an untrained eye, so it is best to bring in the trained technicians we hire who know the job and how to fix the problem in no time flat.

For more information about the plumbing services we offer in Ocean Ridge, browse our website and discover a world of difference in our dedication to customer satisfaction. We want to be your choice of Ocean Ridge plumbers, and we want you to recommend our services to all of your friends and family. Trust us to work for our reputation and prove we are truly better than the competition!

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