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Manalapan PlumbersWhether you have a plumbing emergency after an unusually severe storm in Manalapan, or you just need a leaky faucet repaired, come to the plumbers in Manalapan with over 65 years of experience. We offer red carpet service that is dependable, fast and courteous, and our technicians are always conscious of how we treat your home.

We are the commercial and residential plumbing experts that can fix your problems fast and efficiently. We know that plumbing issues amount to wasted time and money on your end, and we want to minimize your inconvenience as much as possible.

Our Quality Plumbing Services

We can maintain, repair or replace any plumbing system in Manalapan. Our Manalapan plumbers are certified and trained to give you the best customer service experience possible. As technology has advanced and our methods have changed, our commitment to an exceptional customer care experience has remained the same.

Our plumbing services include:

  • Code violations
  • Water quality
  • Water & energy efficiency
  • Water heaters
  • Drain cleaning
  • Pipe repair
  • Slab leak repair
  • New plumbing fixtures
  • Plumbing Remodeling
  • Gas line repair

You can count on our plumbers to come prepared with everything they need to get the job done right quickly and efficiently. When you choose General Plumbing, you get affordable prices that don’t sacrifice the quality of your experience.

Emergency Plumbing From the Best

We know that you don’t plan your plumbing emergencies, and we want to be available to help you any time of the day or night.That’s why we offer emergency plumbing services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are always here to take your call when you need help from the experts.

Our technicians can offer you valuable advice and opinions about the best plumbing systems for your home, or whether or not you need a simple repair or an entirely new system. Trust us to always be honest and transparent with you about your plumbing needs.

How to Find a Plumber for Maintenance

The plumbing system throughout your home requires a regular maintenance schedule to ensure it continues running as efficiently as the day it was installed by a professional technician. Preventative plumbing maintenance is relatively easy to follow, especially when you enlist General Plumbing to handle the task. These maintenance jobs can substantially save you thousands down the road by preventing larger repairs when something goes truly wrong. Of course, we also improve how efficiently your pipes and faucets function, decreasing consumption and saving you money on your water bill each month.

Finding the right plumber to perform such maintenance does not have to be a difficult task. You would do well to follow customer testimonials and online reviews of a plumbing company. General Plumbing, for example, has nothing but outstanding reviews from customers we have serviced in the past. A bit of research goes a long way before making that phone call.

Health Risks of Undetected Leaks

When it comes to a home’s plumbing system, many homeowners tend to simply install and forget their entire plumbing. Many of the pipes to your system will run through the basement and behind the walls, out of sight for the most part. It can be incredibly dangerous if you do not receive preventative maintenance from a reputable plumber like General Plumbing.

The slightest water leak from your pipes can cause mold to grow within the walls. For those with allergies, this is especially dangerous. The spores pollute the air, spreading throughout the entire home and causing breathing issues in those who already experience lung problems.

Of course, flooding is always a distinct possibility, too. If the leak becomes bad enough, a burst pipe may cause flooding damage within your home. This can also bring in mold and bugs, as well as cost thousands in damage.

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