Ultimate Savings Agreement

Ultimate Savings AgreementMany people think that plumbing emergencies and other serious plumbing issues just happen all of the sudden, out of nowhere.  The truth is that many plumbing problems, including those that lead to costly repairs and cause severe water damage, CAN be prevented!  But, you can’t wait for the plumbing emergency to strike; you’ve got to be proactive with caring for your home’s plumbing.  At General Plumbing, we’re out every day performing emergency plumbing repairs and plumbing installations. But why not offer our valued customers a plan that could save them from some of the surprise, anguish, cost, and damages that occur because of preventable plumbing issues? So, we created the Ultimate Savings Agreement for our customers.

General Plumbing’s Ultimate Savings Agreement Includes:

  1. Value Rate Pricing, Waived Dispatch Fee, & Discounted Priority Service Charge: We work hard to keep our prices extremely competitive for all of our customers in West Palm Beach and Lake Worth, but if you’re an Ultimate Savings Agreement member you get these additional money-saving benefits as well.
  2. 24 Hour Emergency Service, Extended Regular Hours, & VIP Scheduling: At General Plumbing, we go out of our way to give our Ultimate Savings Agreement members the absolute best plumbing service on their schedule.  You can rest assured that should a plumbing emergency happen in the middle of the night. You’ve got someone to call who will pick up and be there for you.
  3. Complete Water Heater Inspection: Our plumbers will flush your water heater to ensure that it works at maximum efficiency to help save you money.  We’ll also test water heater elements and thermostats, as well as check the temperature setting and adjust it if necessary to prevent scalding.
  4. Garbage Disposal Test: We’ll test your garbage disposer to make sure that it is doing its job properly.
  5. Toilet Examination: Sometimes toilets leak and leak without you even knowing it.  A leaky toilet, of course, will cause an increase in your water bill, so our plumbing contractors will perform dye leak tests to see if you’ve got toilet leaks. We’ll also examine your toilets’ flushers and seats for issues.
  6. Washing Machine Hose Inspection: Burst washing machine hoses are one of the most common causes of water damage in homes.  Our plumbers will make sure your hose is properly hooked up and without significant wear.
  7. Visual Test of Drains: Our plumbers will test your drains, and if they spot a problem they can recommend drain cleaning or another solution before the problem intensifies.
  8. Plumbing Pipe Inspection: We’ll inspect your home’s visible plumbing pipes for leaks or corrosion. Whether you’ve got PVC pipes, galvanized pipes, or copper pipes, they can all falter at some point, and it’s wise to find leaks and get the proper pipe repair before the problem becomes major.
  9. Check for Corroded or Leaky Faucets: Each and every drip from a leaking faucet is costing you extra money on your water bill, and sometimes all you need is a very minor faucet repair to prevent water waste.
  10. Check Outside Hose Bibbs: Like indoor faucets, hose bibbs can have costly leaks.
  11. Check & Tag of Main Water Valve Shut Off: It is imperative during a plumbing emergency to know how to shut off your main water valve.  We’ll locate it and clearly tag it.
  12. Water Damage Inspection: Water damage can be found in a variety of places, and our expert plumbers know exactly where to look.  If water damage is found, steps can be taken to repair the issues and prevent further losses.
  13. Water Filter Inspection: We’ll take a look and see if your water filters are in need of replacement.
  14. Plumbing Technician Recommendations: After inspecting your home’s plumbing, our plumbing technicians will make their recommendations. They’ll let you know of any primary or minor issues with your plumbing and discuss with you the options available.  Now is the time to determine how to prevent the inconvenience of surprise plumbing problems!
  15. Able to Transfer to New Owner: Ultimate Savings Agreements are transferable to new owners!

The services and benefits of our Ultimate Savings Agreement are numerous, and our certified plumbers hope that you’ll take this step which will extend the life of your plumbing system. For just $189, you can have peace of mind year round that your plumbing system is in good hands.  For answers to your questions or to become a member, call General Plumbing to speak with one of our friendly representatives. To sign up today click here!