Broken Pipe Repair Service West Palm Beach  & Lake Worth, FL

broken pipe repair service west palm beach & lake worth, flHave you noticed you have had significant plumbing issues lately? Or perhaps your plumbing continually springs small leaks that require pipe repair? In either case, our team at General Plumbing can help. For more than 65 years, we have been assisting residential and commercial clients with an array of repair services from sewer pipe lining to totally re-piping a home. Allow us to give you peace of mind with our excellent customer service and workmanship.

Quality Pipe Repair Service

There are several things we can do to get your plumbing system back on track. At times, your repair may only mean a small pipe replacement. However, depending on what kind of material you have, re-piping may be the better option. Certain systems are prone to leaving you with a leak or broken pipe, and we can overhaul the old plumbing with better, sturdier materials.

Our highly trained plumbers specialize in some services, including chilled water piping, drain pipe repair and using camera inspection services to determine the root of the problem. We are experts when it comes to trenchless pipe relining. As a certified Perma-Linter installer, we pass along the manufacturer’s 50-year material warranty.

How to Repair a Broken Sprinkler Pipe

When it comes to fixing your broken sprinkler pipe, the hardest part is successfully locating the source of the leak – once that’s done, the repairs themselves tend to be simple.

Finding the leak is tricky, though – you may be able to tell where the leak is coming from solely from the location of the wet patches on your lawn; what’s more likely is that you’ll have to do some further detective work. In this case, it may be best to contact a plumbing professional.

If you don’t want to waste hours of your time trying to find the source of your sprinkler pipe leak, why not call in the pros? General Plumbing can help repair your leak, in no time!

Broken Water Pipe Repair

Have you ever walked into your home and been greeted with an inch or two of water? It is every homeowner’s nightmare, and for a good reason. A broken water pipe can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage, and even more, if it isn’t repaired properly. When you discover your broken water pipe, immediately locate your emergency shut-off valve. If you don’t know where it could be, contact our office at 561-420-0442, and we can help. Our experienced plumbers will be able to stop any further damage, assess what needs to be done, and repair your broken water pipe immediately.

Trenchless Pipe Repair

Are you having problems with your sewer line? Here at General Plumbing, we understand how stressful that can be!

Though there are a few different methods and tricks that plumbers will use to repair your sewer system, General Plumbing’s experts tend to use the trenchless pipe repair approach. This entails restoring and replacing pipes without digging up your lawn or doing damage to your property!

Apart from keeping your lawn intact, there are other benefits when it comes to trenchless pipe repair – for instance, this type of repair tends to be quicker, its efficiency saves you money, and you won’t have to deal with fixing your landscape (as opposed to other types of sewer line repair). Call General Plumbing to find out more about our services.

Sewer Pipe Repair

If you’re concerned that your sewer pipe may be broken, don’t wait a second before calling the General Plumbing team! When cracked or broken sewer pipes are left unchecked, this can result in some serious damage to your household.

Here are some common signs of a damaged sewer pipe to look for, before calling the plumbing pros:

  • There is no water in your toilets (a dead giveaway!)
  • You hear abnormal gurgling noises
  • You smell sewage in various parts of your home
  • Your bathtub isn’t draining, no matter what you do to clean it

Don’t wait – contact General Plumbing’s sewer pipe repair team!

PVC Pipe Leak Repair

Many of today’s homeowners choose inexpensive, practical PVC piping for their home plumbing. PVC requires less maintenance work than copper piping, but is still durable and efficient. Like any piping material, however, PVC may form a leak or a crack over time. While this is normal, it’s still a troublesome issue. No matter the size of the leak, you deserve quality, professional repair services. That’s where General Plumbing enters the picture!

Our technicians can locate your PVC pipes’ leak using advanced plumbing tools. Once we’ve found the source, we’ll decide on a proper course of action. This typically means replacing the damaged section of pipe. We can make this simple, effective repair quite quickly. We’ll be in an out before you know it!

Bathtub Drain Pipe Repair

Bathtubs can vary as much as the home they’re installed in. If part of your bathtub drainage system breaks down, the difficulty of repairs will depend on the complexity of that system. When you call on General Plumbing for bathtub drain pipe repair, we’ll thoroughly examine the problem before we offer our estimates for the repairs’ cost and complexity.

Whether the problem lies in a clog or a cracked pipe, however, we’ve got the tools and training to deal with the issue on hand. Bathtub water should begin to drain immediately once you open the drain. If it doesn’t, you probably have soap or hair clogging the drain. A thorough cleaning can solve the problem. If this doesn’t do anything, call in General Plumbing. Our experts are non-invasive and use safe tools and products to replace pipes. Your bathtub will be good as new in no time at all!

Signs You Need Pipe Repair

If your water bills have been higher than usual, it isn’t always because someone in the house has been taking longer showers. Sometimes, it’s because you are in need of pipe repair service. Other signs of a plumbing problem or broken pipe include:

  • A leaking foundation
  • The sound of water running even though no faucets are on
  • Low water pressure anywhere in the home
  • Water that appears rusty or smelly
  • Sinking lawn
  • Constant drainage backups
  • Aging plumbing system

If you notice a leaking pipe, you should immediately contact a professional. While you may not always see water, you might notice warm or wet spots on your walls or floors, which is an indication of a leak.

FAQs on Pipe Lining

Some of the same questions get asked by our customers regarding pipe lining:

What types of pipe can pipe lining restore?

Pipe lining is an awesome solution to underground pipes. As these are hard to reach without digging up a lot of dirt and sometimes gravel, pipe lining is the restorative answer to underground pipes that have burst or cracked open.

How long does trenchless pipe repair take?

It is safe to say that a pipe repair task – performed in the trenchless method – can take anywhere from an hour to a full day, depending on the extent of the damage. Rest assured, we work on your schedule. If you need work completed, General Plumbing aims not to inconvenience you and your family at all.

It is safe to say that a pipe repair task – performed in the trenchless method – can take anywhere from an hour to a full day, depending on the extent of the damage. Rest assured, we work on your schedule. If you need work completed, General Plumbing aims not to inconvenience you and your family at all.

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We can help you get your plumbing system back on track. At General Plumbing, we offer quick and reliable repairs, working with the best materials such as copper piping for our pipe replacement services. To learn more or to start your pipe repair today, please call us at 561-420-0442.