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Trenchless Pipe Lining ServicesHere at General Plumbing, we have over 65 years of experience working with all kinds of plumbing systems. We’ve adapted our tools and methods over the years as technology has advanced. However, we have kept our commitment to customer service consistent. Today, we strive to offer a variety of plumbing services including Pipe lining services, which benefit your home or business for affordable prices.

Our customers regularly come back to us because they appreciate our integrity, fast response times and respect for their homes. Our professionally trained technicians handle all types of plumbing systems and always leave your home better than they found it. We are now offering trenchless pipe lining services that ensure that your plumbing systems last even longer.

Stopping Sewer Issues Before They Start

Problems with your sewer can severely disrupt your life, and aren’t something you want to deal with. We help you head them off with our pipe lining services. We minimize disruption to your plumbing system by using trenchless technology to fix them internally without ruining your landscaping. Anywhere pipe rehabilitation is necessary,  we use our innovative lining methods. They are more cost effective and considerably faster.

How It Works

Older sewer lines are likely to corrode and lead to breaks, creating a large obstruction that seriously disrupts your life. Tree root infiltration can also cause problems with your piping system. We use a simple process to ensure that your pipes are functioning properly.

  1. Identifying the Source of the Problem: Our trained installers inspect the piping with a video camera to locate any problems, such as cracks, roots or deterioration. After evaluating your pipe, we will determine the best solution and discuss your options.
  2. Clean the Existing Piping: We clear your pipe of any debris such as roots, grease, scale and build-up in the pipe.
  3. Install and Cure the Liner Material: The liner is measured and impregnated with epoxy adhesive and inserted into the host pipe. The lining is cured sealing any leaks, weak areas, and damaged spots. We also offer steam curing for even faster cure times.
  4. Reinstate Branch Connections: If the newly lined piping ties into your home’s bathroom, kitchen and laundry fixtures we will use a cutting tool inside the pipe to reinstate service to those lines.

Pipe relining significantly reduces the chances of a future sewer break or disruption. Save yourself time and money before a problem arises with our pipe lining services. We can reinstate branch lines from within the pipe (in most cases) that lead to your kitchen, bathroom, etc. allowing the pipe to be lined even further in homes.

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