Interactive Home Health & Safety Monitoring

Technology Solutions for Safe, Accessible Homes

Interactive Home Health & Safety MonitoringPeople who want the freedom to live in their homes, but who also want the safety and security that comes from an assisted-living facility, now can have the best of both worlds.

You want to stay in your home, but you have physical or memory challenges. You are concerned about falling and waiting for help to arrive. Or are you a caregiver who needs assurance about the well-being of your loved ones. Accessible Homes provides a vast array of health and safety products enabling you to live more confidently in your home, knowing that help is always available.

Your life may be changing, but with Caresse+ you can live independently in your home while remaining safe and secure.

  • CARESSE+ saves you thousands of dollars in annual care costs and provides caregivers with peace of mind, whether near or far!
  • Unobtrusive motion sensors installed throughout the home can detect inactivity or activity.
  • Fall detector alerts emergency personnel.
  • Extreme temperature, smoke and flood detectors alert both you and the monitoring center.
  • Medication Management reminds you to take the right medications on time.
  • In-home health monitoring provides a small device that gathers your health information and alerts the monitors to any changes to your vital signs.
  • CookStop will power off the stove/oven if they are left unattended, or disable them at specific times to prevent fires and other accidents.

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