Signs that Your Sewer Drain Needs Cleaning

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Sewer Camera Inspection Service Lake Worth, FLAre you feeling worried that your sewer drain needs some major cleaning? If so, you should get your drain system cleaned immediately! Without proper cleaning, your sewer drain’s clogs could turn into seriously costly repairs. Here are some of the major signs that your sewer drain needs cleaning:

  • Water is backing up when you use any of your plumbing fixtures. If any of your plumbing fixtures are backing up, this could very well be a sign that your sewer drain needs cleaning. Any type of unusual reaction from your plumbing fixtures is usually a dead giveaway that something is wrong.
  • You’re having issues with more than one drain. Is your kitchen sink getting clogged…in addition to multiple bathroom sinks? This is never a good sign! If there are multiple drains in your home that are clogged, this is a surefire sign that your sewer drain needs to be cleaned.
  • There are multiple clogged fixtures in your home. Are there two or more fixtures in your home that continue to clog at the same time? This is absolutely a sign that you should schedule a professional sewer drain cleaning, as soon as possible. Toilets are typically the first place this happens, so be on the lookout for any clogs happening in your toilets.

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