How Much is Trenchless Pipe Repair?

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When comparing the two, trenchless pipe repair typically costs marginally more up-front than traditional sewer line repairs. You’re looking at slightly more per foot for trenchless repair methods when compared to traditional methods. However, the savings are clear. With traditional repairs, you’ll need to pay for the restoration, as this method requires extensive digging of both the lawn and potentially the sidewalk, depending on the main line’s location. Trenchless methods, on the other hand, require absolutely no digging in most cases. You’re saving money, potentially thousands of dollars, by removing that step altogether. To many homeowners, that hassle is worth the higher up-front costs.

Know this: At General Plumbing, we work with homeowners to ensure cost-effective service meets high-quality repairs. We never price gouge our customers. Instead, we price our trenchless sewer repair services competitively with the industry, all while ensuring you receive permanent repairs!