Do I Need Sewer Jet Cleaning for My Plumbing?

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Commercial Plumbing ServiceWe’ve gotten several calls from Lake Worth residents recently asking the same thing, “Do I need sewer jet cleaning for my plumbing?”  In this article, General Plumbing looks at sewer jet cleaning and when it’s needed.

What Is Sewer Jet Cleaning?

Sewer jetters, also known as “hydro-jetters” or “water jetters,” are powerful drain cleaning machines that use high-pressure water jets to clear obstructions in residential and commercial drain pipes as well as larger municipal sewer systems.

Water from the high pressure pump is delivered to a hose reel containing high pressure jetting hose matched for the pressure and flow of the system. When a nozzle is attached to the end of the jetting hose, pressure is created within the system. Nozzles are sized to match the design out of the engine and water pump, plus factoring pressure loss due the diameter and length of the high pressure jetting hose.

Every nozzle is designed to direct high pressure streams of water to pull the high pressure jetting hose through a pipe. Angles of the water stream can be varied; water streams directed more toward the pipe wall surfaces produce better cleaning results while diminishing the pulling power of the nozzle. Water streams directed towards the centerline of the pipe provide maximum pulling power but decreases pipe wall cleaning effectiveness.

How Does a Sewer Jetter Work?

A sewer jetter drain cleaner uses the force of pressurized water to pull itself through pipes, scrub the sides of dirty drains, break apart clogs, and flush out residue. A jet nozzle provides the pulling and cleaning force. These machines typically consist of…

  • A high pressure line flexible enough to pass through most main drain elbows.
  • A jet nozzle with one forward-firing jet that breaks apart clogs, and back-firing jets that pull the high-pressure line deep into clogged drains.
  • An adapter that’s designed to fit your type of pressure washer.

Who Do I Call to Learn More?

You can call the experienced professionals at General Plumbing to learn more about sewer jet cleaning for your Lake Worth plumbing. Call us at (561) 420-0442 today.